About Descent

Welcome to Descent

Descent is a casual clan comprised of friends and people we've met along the way. Our clan was formed in December of 2013 for the sole purpose of providing a mature and enjoyable atmosphere for people with less than ideal experiences from other clans. Like many clans we thought we'd take our focus a bit further with consistent clan war participation. You can pretty much expect us to be starting a new war every 48 hours.

Our rules are fairly simple and we adhere to rule 0. Be dignified and treat people fairly. We don't believe in mandatory donation requirements and our members have shown tremendous generosity without this mandate. We're here to have fun which means nobody should have to take on the role of troop cop. With that said, we do place high value on the honor system. We require that all of our members be mature and helpful especially during clan wars.

We typically operate with a low to mid range roster and we do open up recruitment on occasion. Our recruitment policy is typically invite only. We welcome pretty much everybody including friends and family and we especially love referrals.

Come check us out!